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Student Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

In accordance with state law, all children between 6 and 18 years of age must attend school full-time until the end of the term, quarter, or semester in which they become 18 years of age, or have graduated from high school.

A signed note from a parent/guardian must be submitted upon the student’s return to school to confirm the absence. An absence is only “excused” if the absence verification includes a doctor’s note, legal documentation requiring the child’s attendance in court proceedings, or an obituary notice for an immediate family member. State Law, Inglewood Unified School District Policy and school rules require students to bring a note from a parent or guardian within 3 days stating the reason for the absence.

Important Note: Please contact the office as soon as possible if your child contracts a communicable disease such as mumps, measles, strep throat, chicken pox, conjunctivitis or head lice. When possible, please schedule students’ medical and dental appointments in the afternoons or when school is not in session.

Tardy Policy

Students who are tardy should report to the Main Office to receive a tardy note. To avoid the disruption of instructional time caused by tardy students, we suggest that students arrive at school by 8:00 a.m. Any student on campus, but not with their class after 8:15 a.m. is tardy.

Student Attendance Review Team (SART): Students who have three (3) or more unexcused absences and/or excessive absences and/or Tardies will be referred to the Student Attendance Review Team (SART) for a mandatory parent / administrator conference.

Student Attendance Review Board (SARB): Students whose attendance does not improve after a SART meeting may be referred to the SARB process.  Any student who exceeds ten absences and/or does not have a positive attendance greater or equal to 85% may be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board with the District Attorney’s Office and IUSD Truancy Representative.

Saturday School: May be offered monthly as an opportunity for students to recover lost instructional time and to receive attendance credit for an absence. Students who qualify for Saturday School will receive an invitation in advance.