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Parent Volunteers

Warren Lane Elementary School

Inglewood Unified School District


The purpose of the WLES School Volunteer Program is to enhance student achievement by engaging and leveraging the rich talents and expertise within our school community.

School volunteers:

  • Reinforce classroom learning by assisting teachers in classrooms with non-instructional tasks;
  • Support school personnel in the effective operation of schools;
  • Promote positive partnerships between the home, schools and the community; and
  • Serve as positive role models for students by helping students develop a more positive attitude about themselves, schools and communities.


Individuals are not allowed to begin a volunteer school assignment until the following steps are completed:

  • Volunteer candidates must submit an application and TB test results (Section III: Health and Safety Requirements) to the WLES for an administrator’s signature.
  • Volunteer candidates submit the application with administrator’s signature and TB test results to the Parent Center at Inglewood Unified School District.
  • IUSD Parent Center Staff Members will review the applications and send volunteer candidates to the IUSD Human Resource Center for fingerprints.
  • Volunteer candidates and administrator at the school will be notified once clearance has been given for volunteer candidate.

EXCEPTIONS—Schools are NOT required to submit a volunteer application but must still check the Megan’s Law website for the following individuals:

  • Parents observing their child’s classroom and who remain under the direct supervision of a teacher at all times;
  • Individuals participating in one-time activities where there is limited contact with students or staff and supervision is provided by a certificated District employee.

Examples include:

  • Chaperoning events or one-day field trips (under 16 hours in duration)
  • Providing clerical functions that do not involve access to confidential documents or information
  • Guest speaking engagements
  • Job-shadowing events

SECTION III: Health and Safety Requirements

  • Tuberculosis Clearance Tuberculosis (TB) clearance must be presented to school personnel prior to the school’s submission of the volunteer application to Inglewood Unified School District.
  • Sex Offender Statement and Megan’s Law: The school principal or an acceptable designee must check all volunteer applicants against the California Megan’s Law online database for sex offender clearance at Any volunteer applicant whose name appears on Megan’s Law list and is required to register as a sex offender is prohibited from serving as a school volunteer in any capacity, including individuals participating on one-time activities as noted in Section II, above.
  • Fingerprinting (Background Clearance): Inglewood Unified School District adheres to State statutes pertaining to supervised volunteerism in public schools. Fingerprinting by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is required for the following persons prior to the school’s submission of the individual’s online application:
  • Persons volunteering in any school for more than 16 hours per week, regardless of supervision by certificated or classified staff members.
  • Volunteer coaches, regardless of the number of hours served
  • Persons volunteering for less than 16 hours per week under general supervision* and whose duties require more than limited contact with students (as determined by the school principal). For example,
  • Playground assistants
  • Mentors
  • Tutors

Examples of persons volunteering for less than 16 hours per week under general supervision whose duties require very limited contact with students (thereby, exempting such individuals from the fingerprinting requirement) include:

  • Parent Center assistants
  • Parking valets volunteers

EXCEPTIONS—The following individuals are NOT required to be fingerprinted:

Parents observing their child’s classroom and who remain under the direct supervision of a teacher. Such individuals also need not complete a volunteer application.

  • The principal must ensure the ongoing supervision of parents observing their child’s classroom by a certificated staff member.
  • Arrangements must be made for alternate supervision whenever the primary supervisor leaves the classroom or outside area.
  • Direct supervision is defined as an individual under continuous contact, meaning within the same room or in an outside area within the same proximity as found in a classroom, with a certificated District employee.

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