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Student Safety

Closed Campus

WLES operates under a closed campus. Once you arrive at school, you are not permitted to leave unless your parents pick you up from the office. This includes going to the store before or after school. Once you arrive at school, you must stay. Once school ends and you leave campus, you may not return. All visitors must check in with the Main Office to receive a Visitor’s Pass. 

Emergency Procedures

Drills are conducted monthly at to prepare students in the event of fire, earthquake, or shelter-in-place. In the event of emergency or natural disaster, parents will be notified by recorded message and provided information regarding student dismissal procedures. Drills are conducted regularly to prepare in the event of fire, earthquake, shelter-in-place or other emergency situation. In the event of such a situation, parents will be notified via school or district recorded message and provided with emergency release instructions.

Emergency Card Information

Please ensure the front office has current and valid telephone contact information for parents/guardians and any at least two additional local emergency contacts.

Illness and Injury Procedures

If your child becomes ill or is seriously injured at WLES, office staff will immediately contact a parent/guardian by telephone. If contact is not made with a parent/guardian, additional emergency contacts listed on the Emergency Card and/or 911 will be called. The school gives first aid only, never “second aid” or re-treatment for prior conditions or those occurring away from school. Minor injuries that do not require first aid may not be reported.


Children requiring medication during school hours must have an Inglewood Unified School District Medication Form on file, signed by a physician and parent specifying the conditions and the dosage. All medication (including asthma inhalers, aspirin and cough medicine) must be kept in the school health office and should be brought to school in the original container by the parent or other adult. Students may not be in possession of any medications even with parent permission.

Epi-pens and inhalers for asthma may be carried by a student ONLY when proper forms are completed by the physician giving permission for the child to carry it. Please return the authorization to the nurse’s office.

Search and Seizure: The principal and/or campus security may conduct a search of a student if they believe the student has materials that are in violation of school rules or state law. The search may include inspection of clothing, purses, wallets, backpacks, and other personal property. The search may also include an inspection of school property including desks and other areas in which items may be kept.