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General Policies

Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival: All students enter the school through the gate next to the cafeteria (corner of 79th Street and 5th Street). The gate opens at 7:45 am in the morning. After 8:15 am, the gate is locked and students must enter through the Main Office. Students who are repeatedly dropped off before 7:45 am may be referred to the Department of Children and Family Services or law enforcement.

Instructional Day: The instructional day begins at 8:15 am. The instructional day for Transitional Kindergarten through 3rd grade ends at 2:00 pm. The instructional day for 4th through 6th grade ends at 2:20 pm.


  • Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten are dismissed from the Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Room at 2:00 pm.
  • 1st Grade is dismissed from the gate next to the cafeteria (corner of 79th Street and 5th Avenue) at 2:00 pm.
  • 2nd and 3rd grade are dismissed from the gate on the corner of 80th Street and 5th Avenue) at 2:00 pm.
  • 4th through 6th grade are dismissed from the gate next to the cafeteria (corner of 79th Street and 5th Avenue) at 2:20 pm.
  • Students who are not picked-up from their assigned gate in a timely fashion will be sent to the Main Office. Any student who has to be picked-up from the Main Office must be signed out by a parent/guardian listed on the emergency card.
  • Students who are repeatedly picked up after 3:00 pm may be referred to the Department of Children and Family Services or law enforcement.

Rainy Days/Inclement Weather Days: All grade-levels will be dismissed from the Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Room at their assigned dismissal time.

California Penal Code: According to California Penal Code 270-273.5, parents are given a 20 minute grace period to pick up your children after school. Any student(s) left more than 20 minutes is considered abandonment.

Important Note: WLES staff only provides supervision after 7:45 am during arrival, and until 3:00 pm after dismissal. Any child dropped off prior to 7:45 am and not picked-up after 3:00 pm will not have supervision.

Permission to Leave School: Parents must come to the office and sign a student release form.  The office will then send for your child.  Children are released from the office and not from the classrooms.  Students are not released via telephone contacts.  Children will be released to only those adults who are listed on the Emergency Card.  Proper identification is required.

Home/School Communication: The school regularly communicates important information via recorded phone messages, weekly bulletins, and letter correspondences. In addition, weekly bulletins and newsletters are posted to the warrenlane.iusd.net and Facebook page (Warren Lane). Please communicate regularly with your child’s teacher. Each teacher has individual preferences with regard to the best method of contact.

Breakfast/Lunch: The cafeteria in our school is maintained to provide the best possible nourishing, hot meals at the minimum possible price. At this time there are no fees for breakfast and lunch. Inglewood Unified School District has qualified for P2 funding (free meals) for students to receive free meals. In order to remain P2 status, EVERY student must turn in a completed application form within the first two weeks of the beginning of each school year and/or enrollment. Students receive breakfast from 7:45 am – 8:10 am each morning.

IUSD Wellness Policy:

According to the IUSD School Wellness Policy:

  • Foods and beverages sold or served at school will meet the nutrition recommendations of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • At any school function (parties, celebrations, feasts, sporting events, etc.) only healthy food choices will be allowed.
  • Fundraising should encourage the use of non-food items. All foods used shall meet the criteria listed in the code of regulations.
  • The use of candy and/or food as a classroom reward for any purpose is prohibited.
  • Each classroom is allowed two healthy food parties per school year.
  • Fast food is prohibited.
  • No birthday parties and/or food brought for that purpose will be allowed.

Snacks: Students may choose to bring a healthy lunch or snack to eat during Recess. Please secure all food items in an appropriate container labeled with your child’s name and Room #. WLES is unable to prepare, refrigerate and/or reheat food that students bring from home.

Items Brought to School: Children are prohibited from bringing large sums of money, toys, play cards, games, and electronic devices such as iPods and handheld videogames. WLES cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property. As such, students are encouraged to leave items if value at home.

Confiscated Items: Any item that has been confiscated by a staff member (i.e. radio, electronic game, cell phones, etc.) must be picked up by a parent. The school will not be held responsible if the item is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Cell Phone Policy: Students are prohibited from using cellular devices on campus during school hours. All cellular devices must remain turned off and secured in the student’s backpack. Under special circumstances students may be permitted to use classroom or office telephones to call home. Parents needing to leave a message for a student may call the main office.

School Dress: WLES adheres to the IUSD uniform policy. Students are expected to wear black, yellow, white or gray collared shirt/blouse and black bottoms. Jeans are not permitted. Clothing with spaghetti straps or bare midriffs or baggy/oversized or plain white t-shirts or questionable sayings may not be worn. Shoes must be closed-toed and appropriate for indoor and outdoor activities and play.

IUSD Dress and Grooming Regulation (5132)

  1. General neatness, cleanliness, and modesty are considered essential to acceptable dress. Any clothing that is suggestive of immodesty or indecent exposure is unacceptable on school grounds. Halters and midriffs are not acceptable dress for school.
  2. Hair grooming is to be done at home before schools. Curlers worn to school are unacceptable.
  3. Scarves or hair nets worn on the head to conceal curlers or uncombed hair are unacceptable. Hats may be worn out doors only.
  4. Clothing and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane, or sexually suggestive or which advocate racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice or the use of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Earrings or studs worn in the nose, or other exposed bodily areas are unacceptable. The wearing of earrings for male students is discouraged.
  6. Combs with any metal parts are not allowed on one’s person.

Important Notes:

  • Coaches and teachers may impose more stringent dress requirements to accommodate the special needs of certain sports and/or classes.
  • Any student found to be distastefully dressed or in violation of the above dressed standards will be referred to the proper administrator’s office for appropriate action.

Lost and Found: If an item is lost, have your student check the cafeteria exit where lost items are stored.  Each December and June, unclaimed items will be displayed. Items that remain unclaimed will be donated to local charity organizations.

Marking Children’s Possessions: All jackets, sweaters, coats, rainwear, lunch boxes, backpack, books and supplies should be labeled with the child’s name for identification.  Many articles are lost at school, and remain unclaimed, because they are not labeled.

School Library: We encourage children to use our library and the public library to widen their reading experiences.  Children are allowed to take library books home from school.  Books may be checked out for a short period and may be renewed for a longer period.  Students are financially responsible for lost or damaged books and textbooks.

Parties: WLES s main focus is on academics and instruction.  Each class is allowed to have two parties that are pre-approved by the principal.  Students’ birthdays are celebrated collectively at these parties. Please do not send cupcakes, pizza, balloons, etc. to school for your child’s birthday.

Food/Drinks: As a part of WLES’s Health and Physical Education standards, exercise and healthy eating habits are promoted. Please send healthy snacks and lunches with your child. Foods high in sugar, saturated fats and sodium are discouraged. SOFT DRINKS, CHIPS, GUM AND CANDY ARE NOT PERMITTED. Easy alternatives include fruit, a sandwich, or a granola bar.

Students are not permitted to eat or drink any items not approved beforehand by their parents.  You will receive notice from your child’s teacher of any food to be consumed in the classroom for special activities.  Please notify your student’s teacher of any food allergies.

Candy/Food Sales: Candy and food sales by ALL students are prohibited. The candy, food, and/or money confiscated by the school will not be returned. Items will be donated to the school ASB Fund. The eating of candy, gum and sunflower seeds is forbidden on campus. WLES is a TK-6th grade school. Under the Wellness Policy, any food sales through our ASB or PTA will need to occur following the instructional day, which is considered 6:30 p.m. Our after school programs end at 6:00 p.m. which is part of the instructional day. Any unhealthy food sales prior to 6:30 p.m. are a violation of federal law.

Permits: Students who reside outside of WLES’s attendance area are required to have a valid permit from the IUSD Child Welfare and Attendance office on file at WLES. To maintain enrollment on permit, students must meet grade level academic standards, conduct and citizenship standards, and maintain excellent attendance.


If a student or parent has a concern about a school policy or an employee, the following procedures should be followed in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible:

  1. a) Contact the employee who you have a complaint about to discuss both sides of the issue.
  2. b) If the problem still exists, contact the Principal.